Including Faith

Fostering a culture of inclusion at the University of Guelph is an institutional imperative. Students, staff, and faculty come from a wide variety of backgrounds and religious traditions, and all are encouraged to fully participate in campus life. The University of Guelph is committed to maintaining a safe(r) campus environment in which every person is valued and respected. Religious discrimination is something that the University is actively trying to reduce, and it has developed religious accommodation policies for students, as well as for staff and faculty. On campus, the Office of Diversity and Human Rights advances the Inclusion Framework and protects the rights of individuals, while the Multi-Faith Resource Team celebrates diversity and advocates for people of all faith perspectives.


Religious discrimination is the unfavourable or inequitable treatment of people because of their religious beliefs. The Ontario Human Rights' Code protects individuals from discrimination based on personal religious beliefs, practices, or observances. The University of Guelph has a duty to accommodate people's sincerely held beliefs.

Available Supports & Accommodation Policies

The Multi-Faith Resource Team is comprised of representatives from a wide array of religious traditions, including members that identify as spiritual, but not religious. The Multi-Faith Resource Team celebrates diversity, promotes understanding and fosters spiritual growth and wellness. As part of its mandate on campus, the team advocates for people of all faiths, encouraging interfaith dialogue and developing faith-related programming. Team members are available to offer support and advocate on behalf of individuals and faith communites. If you or your faith community is looking for support, resources or training opportunities, please contact the Multi-Faith Resource Team at

Working out of the Inclusion Framework, the Office of Diversity and Human Rights both protects individuals against discrimination and maintains two significant accommodation policies.

Students, staff, and faculty can also find a list of the major holy days and frequently asked questions by exploring the Office of Diversity and Human Rights website.

Reporting an Incident of Religious Discrimination

Incidents of discrimination should be brought to the attention of the Office of Diversity and Human Rights (DHR). If you want to report an incident, please contact DHR staff by email at or by dialing x53000.

If you are wanting support or you are in need of someone to advocate on your behalf, please contact the Multi-Faith Resource Team by email at or by dialing x58909.

If you are not comfortable reporting an incident to one of the above individuals, you can always contact Campus Community Police at x52245.