Creating Safe(r) Communities by Being an Active Bystander

All Gryphons are committed to providing a safe(r) campus environment in which every person is valued and respected. As a caring and respectful community, we believe that when someone is engaging in activities, they should be free to be their authentic selves and not be hindered by unsafe environments or acts. Part of being a caring and respectful Gryphon means looking out for one another, and committing to being an active bystander through the Gryphon Active Bystander Pledge.

Campus Policies and Guiding Documents

Safety Services & Support


  • Dial x52000, 519-840-5000, or 911
  • Press the Emergency Pole button or pick up the Elevator Phone anywhere on campus.
  • Push the yellow Residence Call Box button at the entrance of any residence for a direct line to a Student Housing Porter, or dial x52000 from this box.

Non-emergency Safety Services & Support

  • Campus Police - dial x52245 from any on-campus telephone
  • SafeWalk - a student-run volunteer organization that provides a safe and reliable escort after dark for any person on the University of Guelph campus.
  • First Response Team - a non-profit group of volunteer students dedicated to providing professional and effective care for students, staff, and visitors around the University of Guelph campus.

If you are looking for ways to help create a safer community contact

Available Trainings

Bystander Training - to book training for your group or to join a training session already planned, please contact